Milestone Reached on Land Base Expansion for Pic Mobert First Nation
Final Agreement Would Support New Economic Development Opportunities
March 24, 2014 3:30 p.m. - Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs

Ontario, Canada and Pic Mobert First Nation have signed an agreement that will enhance social supports while strengthening the local economy and creating jobs.
The agreement would add about 16 square kilometres of provincial Crown land to the First Nation's existing reserve in northern Ontario. The chief and council of the First Nation have agreed to take this agreement to its members for a ratification vote.
This is the final step before it is put forward for ratification by Ontario and Canada. The agreement falls under the tripartite Land and Larger Land Base Framework, which provides land to signatory First Nations that are landless or have small reserves. The land is used to meet current and future social and economic needs. Resolving land-related issues is important to fostering reconciliation.
Strengthening Aboriginal communities is part of the government's economic plan that is creating jobs for today and tomorrow. The comprehensive plan and its six priorities focus on Ontario's greatest strengths - its people and strategic partnerships.
Quick Facts
  • Pic Mobert First Nation has a current land base of 2.86 square kilometres and approximately 937 members. It is located between White River and Marathon in northern Ontario.
  • The Land and Larger Land Base framework was signed in 1991 among Canada, Ontario and six northern Ontario First Nations.
  • Two final agreements have been completed so far under the Land and Larger Land Base framework: Lake Nipigon Ojibway First Nation (2005) and Sand Point First Nation (2006).

"I am delighted we have reached this significant milestone in the negotiations. Increasing the land base of Pic Mobert First Nation will meet the current and future needs of the community and create new opportunities for the community and its residents.” 
-David Zimmer, Minister of Aboriginal Affairs

"This announcement is for all members of the Pic Mobert First Nation who have worked so hard to make this a reality. This agreement would expand opportunities within the community and provide the land necessary to meet future needs.”
- Michael Gravelle, Minister of Northern Development and Mines

"The initialling of this agreement is the end of a long and productive negotiation, but also the beginning of an exciting new opportunity for our community to flourish and grow. We are thankful to Ontario and Canada for creating and now concluding this unique process. It will provide us with the land that we so urgently need to build our community, our identity and our future as a people and a nation so that we may take our rightful place in Canada: economically, socially and politically.”
- Chief Johanna Desmoulin, Pic Mobert First Nation


From Chief Johanna Desmoulin
March 20, 2014


I am very pleased to inform you that approximately 23 years after signing a Framework Agreement with Canada and Ontario for an expanded reserve land base, the Chief and Council and the negotiating team have completed a Final Agreement that will be initialled on March 24, 2014.
The Chief and Council held a special meeting with its legal advisor, Mr. Kim Fullerton, on March 20, 2014, to receive a presentation on the Final Agreement, and then passed a Band Council Resolution that authorizes the Chief to initial the agreement along with representatives of Canada and Ontario. Mr. Fullerton has been legal counsel on the file for many years.
I will be travelling to Toronto, along with Band Councillors Stan Sabourin, John Kwissiwa, Wayne Sabourin and Louis Kwissiwa, to initial the agreement and to meet with the Honourable David Zimmer, the Ontario Minister of Aboriginal Affairs on March 24, 2014.
Following this meeting, we will be able to begin the process of holding a ratification vote, which will ask eligible voters to consider and approve the agreement. Information meetings will be held in Mobert, Sault Ste. Marie and Thunder Bay, prior to the vote. Following a positive outcome from the ratification vote, the Final Agreement will be signed at a special ceremony and celebration in our Community, likely later this year. Council has scheduled the ratification vote for Saturday, June 21, 2014.
A ratification package will be sent out to all Band Members in the next few weeks.
Please ensure that you are registered with us so that we can ensure that you receive the ratification package – to register, please send an email to:
If you need to speak to someone about the agreement or related matters, please contact:
Theresa Bananish
Lands and Resources Director
Bananish Law
(705) 949-8733
Chief Johanna Desmoulin




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