Pic Mobert First Nation Membership
Overwhelmingly Approve Land Deal
June 23, 2014:  Mobert, Ontario
“On this day we begin to reclaim the lands that are rightfully ours”, said Chief Johanna Desmoulin on announcing the overwhelming support from band members for a proposed land deal with Ontario and Canada.
Chief Johanna Desmoulin stated on the evening of June 21st that over 98% of the participating eligible voters had voted in favour of approving the deal, which will add an additional 16 sq km of lands to the land strapped community of approximately 400 residents. 217 eligible voters casted votes, of which 214 voted “YES”.
The vote, held on National Aboriginal Day, marked a critical milestone in over 23 years of negotiations with Canada and Ontario in a special process known as the Land and Larger Land Base, first approved by Pic Mobert and several other First Nations in 1991.
Chief Desmoulin thanked the Band Membership for their support of the deal, and acknowledged the work of former Chiefs and Councils, staff and advisors who initiated and participated in moving the process over the last two decades.
“This land allows us to create a future for our children”, said Chief Johanna Desmoulin.
For further information, please contact:
Chief Johanna Desmoulin
Theresa Bananish, L.L.B., Director of Lands and Resources 

 Pic Mobert First Nation

The following is the result of the Vote of
Saturday, June 21, 2014:

“YES” = 214
“NO” = 3

1. 214 ballots were marked “YES;” (94% of the votes cast)
2. 3 ballots were marked “NO.” (1% of votes cast)
3. 11 votes were spoiled or set aside (5% of votes cast)

The Pic Mobert First Nation voting membership has voted “YES” and thereby has authorized a quorum of chief and council to sign the Final Land and Larger Land Base Agreement wherein the Pic Mobert First Nation will receive approximately 16 sq kilometers of land which will be added to the existing reserve.

Dated June 22, 2014
Vaughn Johnston,
Ratification Officer


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