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The Pic Mobert First Nation is governed by a duly elected Chief and Council.  The rules for election are established by the federal department of Indian Affairs.  Terms of office are two years.  The formula for council is one (1) councilor per one hundred (100) Band Members.

Pic Mobert First Nation has signed a Band Council Resolution (BCR) regarding transparency vis-a-vis the Chief and Council Policy.

Under this BCR the Policy is to be made available to the public and can be downloaded as a pdf by clicking here.

Each member of the Band Council has signed an Oath of Office as part of their commitment to accountability.  This oath confirms the various commitments and obligations that each of the Council members have pledged to the Band membership.  Learn more and view copies of the signed Oaths here.


Johanna Desmoulin
Pic Mobert First Nation
P.O. Box 717
Mobert, ON
P0M 2J0

There are nine elected Council Members:

  • Vern McWatch
  • Jeff Desmoulin
  • Louis Kwissiwa

  • Hannah Desmoulin
  • Jessica McWatch
  • Thurston Kwissiwa

  • Clyde Jacobs
  • Christopher Bananish Sr.
  • Theresa Bananish

Portfolio Lead Councillor Alternate Detail
Deputy Chief Louis Kwissiwa NA
Governance Louis Kwissiwa Chris Bananish,
Theresa Bananish
Communications Thurston Kwissiwa Louis Kwissiwa
Finance Johanna Desmoulin Jeff Desmoulin
Personnel Johanna Desmoulin Vern McWatch
Economic Development Jeff Desmoulin Includes acting as liaison to White Lake LP
Housing Thurston Kwissiwa Vern McWatch
Public Works Chris Bananish Vern McWatch
Health & Social Services Vern McWatch Jeff Desmoulin Includes appointment to Dilico
Ojibway Child and Family Services Board of Directors.
Education Louis Kwissiwa Jessica McWatch
Netamisakomik Centre of Education Jessica McWatch Vern McWatch,
Hannah Desmoulin
Culture & Language Hannah Desmoulin Vern McWatch
Lands & Resources Clyde Jacobs Johanna Desmoulin
Policing Jeff Desmoulin Clyde Jacobs Includes appointment to APS Board of Directors.
Energy Theresa Bananish Louis Kwissiwa Includes acting as liaison to Gitchi Animki and Gilzis Power LPs.
Comprehensive Community Planning Thurston Kwissiwa Jessica McWatch,
annah Desmoulin
Emergency Services & Planning Johanna Desmoulin Vern McWatch
Ontario Works Chris Bananish

Council Meeting Minutes

Do you wish to address the Chief and Council?

The Chief and Council wish to provide opportunities for Band members to address a meeting of the Chief and Council.

Click here for more information.

Council Meeting Minutes

Band Council Attendance Record

In the interest of transparency, we make this information available to band members. Click here to view the latest attendance information.

Upcoming Community Events

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