PMFN has a community trap line that may be utilized by band members.  Please inquire with Hannah ext.246 or Jennifer ext.234

MNR Fur Management Bulletin FWBull.1.1.8 – Criteria for establishing a significant Aboriginal family connection to a registered trapline – August 28, 2010


The criteria below are to be used in conjunction with procedure WilPr.1.1.7 “Allocation of Head Trappers for Registered Traplines” where it is known by the Ministry that an Aboriginal applicant claims to maintain a significant traditional family connection to a registered trapline. These applied criteria are to be applied in relation to commitments contained in the Trapping Harmonization Agreements between Ontario and each of the Union of Ontario Indians and Grand Council Treaty #3… (continued)

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MNR Fur Management Procedure WilPr.1.1.7 – Allocation of head trappers for registered traplines – August 27, 2010


The management of wild furbearing mammals on Crown land is regulated through the allocation of registered traplines to head trappers. Traplines are limited in number and there can be considerable interest in acquiring them when they become vacant. To ensure consistency and fairness in allocating registered traplines, this procedure provides provincial direction and criteria for the selection of head trappers for vacant traplines. This procedure is part of a larger program to sustainably manage Ontario’s wild furbearer populations… (continued)

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