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Regional Power OPCO has been contracted to provide operation and maintenance services for the Gitchi Animki Hydroelectric Project.

The Gitchi Animki Hydroelectric Project is a joint venture of White River Hydro LP and the Gitchi Animki Energy LP (a Pic Mobert First Nation Company), located within the Traditional Territory of the Pic Mobert First Nation, approximately 200 km return trip from Mobert, Ontario.

Hydroelectric plants operate 365 days per year, 24 hours per day, and as such it is essential that all applicants are able to demonstrate a high level of integrity, commitment and reliability during training and subsequent employment.

Selection, training and employment are expected to commence in January/February, unless candidates are unavailable.

Duties & Responsibilities
The services to be provided are to ensure the safe, effective and efficient operation of the projects.

Typical duties include but are not limited to;

  • Operation of plant, starting and stopping units as necessary
  • Maintain and organize production and maintenance records
  • Report required information to the Head Operator / Operations Supervisor
  • Regular visits to the hydro site
  • Respond in a timely and safe manner to any incidents that may occur at the facility
  • Keep the facility clean and in a presentable order at all times
  • Provide regular basic maintenance to the various equipment of the facility as described in the Operations & Maintenance Manual and according to any extra instruction as provided by the Head Operator/Operations Manager
  • Maintain good records of all maintenance items and provide them to the Head Operator/Operations Manager upon completion
  • Participate in weekly Operator’s conference call
  • Maintain all vehicles and equipment used for transportation to and on the site
  • Maintain all other equipment, such as safety equipment, fire extinguishers, tools etc.
  • Maintain roadways onsite including snow removal, brushing, grading and ditching
  • Maintain buildings and grounds including weed control, brush control and some basic landscaping
  • Maintain all building structures
  • Represent the Owner of the Site when visitors are present
  • Supervise, provide for and assist any contractors hired to do major or minor work at the station
  • Operate distribution class substation and high voltage transmission lines
  • Operate construction equipment as required
  • Repair minor electrical and mechanical failures as required
  • Pickup and deliver any components required for the facility operations
  • Acquire and keep current all safety training, boat safety, First Aid etc. that is required by law
  • Liaison with Hydro One and IESO regarding operational issues
  • Must be able to work and live in the Pic Mobert area
  • Must have and maintain a valid drivers’ license

Plant Operators will build competencies in all of the above areas, but will work under the Lead Plant Operator.

Reporting Protocol
Under normal circumstances the Plant Operator would report to the Head Operator and the Head
Operator would then report to the Operations Manager based in Mississauga.\

Required Skills:

  • Journeymen certification in electrical, millwrighting and/or power and controls background, and/or completion of related post-secondary programming;
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Ability to read and follow electrical /mechanical schematic diagrams
  • Ability to read, understand and carefully follow operating and emergency procedures and protocols
  • Troubleshooting skills
  • Wildlife avoidance and outdoor survival skills
  • Ability to work in a team environment
  • Extremely reliable, committed and accountable, as evidenced by prior work experiences and references
  • However, persons with lessor qualifications could be considered if:
    • They can demonstrate the necessary interests and aptitudes in electrical, mechanical and other work;
    • They are prepared to dedicate their time to complete any pre-employment training and certification, as well as on-going upgrading and refresher programs; and
    • Have a minimum grade 12 with 5+ years of relevant experience.
  • Community and Band members of the Pic Mobert First Nation are strongly encouraged to apply.

All applicants would be required to provide a negative drug screening test prior to being provided with an firm offer of employment, and may be subject to random drug screening tests.

Working Hours

  • Site duties would include 8-hour days – 5 days a week in a typical week.
  • On-call hours to respond to plant emergencies.
  • Extended stay at Powerhouse during bad weather and during winter periods.
  • Operators must be willing to be on call and able to respond to plant emergencies – the plant operates 24 hours daily, 365 days a year.


  • Operations Skills
  • First Aid
  • All other required safety training

Interested applicants must submit a cover letter and resume, along with copies of any certificates, diplomas, etc. and at least 3 employment related references, by February 1st , 2019, to:

Gitchi Animki Operator Recruitment
c/o Norman Jaehrling, Managing Director
Gitchi Animki Energy Corp.
PO Box 717
Mobert, Ontario P0M 2J0

with a copy to:

You must address your letter, email to: Gitchi Animki Operator Recruitment

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